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Cliff Bidlingmaier Filed Suit Against Officer Charged With Official Misconduct

Cliff Bidlingmaier and co-counsel Robin Lord, represent the family of Joseph Ahr, Sr., who was subjected to excessive force and ultimately pepper sprayed by Trenton Police Officer Nicholas Piotrowski. The officer was indicted by a Grand Jury on charges of second degree official misconduct for his use of excessive force. The Attorney General stated that “[t]his office resorted to using pepper spray during a confrontation with a civilian in a manner that was unnecessary and contrary to his training, mishandling a situation that could have concluded so much differently.” Mr. Ahr only had one working lung at the time of the incident and struggled to breath after he was pepper sprayed. The manner of death was described as homicide with the cause being acute respiratory failure following the use of pepper spray during arrest of an individual with chronic pulmonary disease and Covid-19.


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