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New Jersey Courts Transition from Phase 1(Remote Operations) to Phase 2(Limited Onsite Presence and

NOTICE TO THE BAR COVID-19- NEW JERSEY COURTS POST-PANDEMIC PLAN­ TRANSITION FROM PHASE 1 (REMOTE OPERATIONS) TO PHASE 2 (LIMITED ONSITE PRESENCE AND IN-PERSON COURT EVENTS) The Supreme Court has approved the first part of the New Jersey Courts Post-­Pandemic Plan (Plan) for transitioning from fully remote court operations (Phase 1) to the gradual return to courthouses and court facilities (Phase 2). The New Jersey courts will begin the incremental implementation of Phase 2 starting on Monday, June 22, 2020. The Judiciary developed the comprehensive plan for safely resuming in-person court services in collaboration with Judiciary stakeholders, including representatives from the Departments of Health, Corrections, Human Services, Treasury, and Children and Families, as well as the Attorney General, Public Defender, Sheriffs Association, Wardens Association, State Bar Association, and Legal Services, as well as judges and court staff. The Plan memorializes our current Phase 1 status and the factors considered in determining to proceed to Phase 2. It outlines the precautions that have been and will be implemented before our buildings are opened for any in-person proceedings, including requirements to wear masks in non-private areas and to maintain social distancing as set forth in the Court's June 9, 2020 Order. As noted, the Plan also lists those court events that in Phase 2 will continue to be conducted remotely and those events that may, consistent with Supreme Court guidance, be conducted onsite. The Plan for moving forward to Phase 2 is posted on the New Jersey courts public website ( As we have throughout the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Judiciary will continue to provide information and guidance to attorneys, litigants, and members of the public regarding the status of our court facilities and operations. We will issue additional information, including on the subsequent transitions to Phases 3 and 4, as soon as available. Hon. Glenn A. Grant, J.A.D. Acting Administrative Director of the Courts

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