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Cliff Bidlingmaier Was Successful In Having A Client Who Was Charged With 2nd Degree Possession of a

Cliff Bidlingmaier successfully had his client who was a charged with a 2nd Degree charge for the Unlawful Possession of a Handgun sentenced to probation. A 2nd Degree Crime in the State of New Jersey carries with it the possibility of 5-10 years of imprisonment with the presumption of incarceration. Cliff was successful in having the Presiding Judge for the County grant a “Grave’s Act” Waiver, which requires a mandatory minimum periods of parole ineligibility for persons convicted of Unlawful Possession of a Weapon. By securing a Grave's Act Waiver the client will serve 2 years probation.

In the event you have been charged with a crime contact the law firm Bidlingmaier & Bidlingmaier for your free consultation.

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