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Recent Change in DUI Checkpoints!

Have you or someone you know been arrested after being stopped at a DUI CHECKPOINT? If so call us immediately!!

The Supreme Court has just rendered an opinion changing the law this past Friday!

"The Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided a challenge to the multi-jurisdictional municipal police sobriety checkpoints. The Court ruled that such checkpoints are unlawful unless each of the participating municipalities pass a local ordinance. The Court also ruled that the MPJA cannot be used to save the day. The MPJA was established to address crimes in progress, not something that will be investigated in the future.

The case has broader implications: it applies to any multi-jurisdictional task force/investigative body using municipal police officers. Such task forces are typically used in drug cases not just DUI checkpoints."

Since the officers and police departments failed to adhere to the municipal police jurisdiction act the traffic stop must be suppressed and the DUI dismissed.

***Let us help you protect your constitutional rights. Please call us for a free consultation. 267-364-5004

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